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Powered Stairclimbing solutions
from 110 kg to 360 kg capacity
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SAL Powered Stairclimber

The A14 SAL powered stair climber trolley is ideal for manoeuvring crates, boxes, white goods and such like. The SAL model is our fastest stair climber and perfect for office environments.

Key features of the A14 SAL Powered Stair Climber are as follows:-

- Lightweight - only weighs 20kg including battery

- Available in 3 lifting capacities 110kg (17 stone), 140kg (22 stone), 170kg (26 stone)

- Four different handle types designed for different jobs

- Multiple Toeplates and accessory options available for this stair climber

- 2 speed operation, (110 model up to 48 steps per minute climbing)

Plug the battery in and leave on charge, ready to use when you need it

The SAL Powered Stairclimber comes in four handle type from tall allowing easy handling of large cabinets, to the folding handle option that easily folds away making it easy for storage and transport.

Each powered stair climber is supplied with a standard mains battery charger and strap 
(An in vehicle charger option is available as an accessory)

SAL Climbers

Take the stress out of your deliveries or removals by using a powered stairclimber

One person operation,
up to 48 steps per minute for the 110 kg model

SAL Stairclimbing pricing

Working closely with the manufacturer, we are able to offer competitive pricing across the Liftkar range

SAL Fold

SAL 140 FOLD - £2,600


SAL 140 UNI - £2,450

SAL Ergo

SAL 140 ERGO - £2,500

SAL Fold-L

SAL 140 FOLD-L - £2,650


Please see below some of the most popular accessories available for the SAL Powered Stairclimber range. These items fit all the SAL stair climber models unless otherwise stated (mainly due to the frame height).

Extra Battery


Additional 24V battery

Mains charger


Mains charger

In-transit charger


Choosing a criminal law solicitor for your case is an important task.

Battery retention clamp


Secure the battery firmly in place, even on the roughest ground

Short Wings


Protect your load with this raised wings 334 mm in length, suitable for all SAL model 

Long Wings


These 860 mm wings provide protective support, these art not suitable for the FOLD model

Twin gas bottle holder


Supports two gas cylinders
Diameter 204 mm each

Keg hook


Clip on hook for keg faster
than using a strap to secure

25mm strap

From £12

1.4 M strap - £12
2.7 M strap - £15

50mm strap

From £25

3.2 M strap - £25
4.2 M strap - £30

Puncture proof tyres


Replace the existing pneumatic tyres with the puncture proof option.

Extended wheel base


wider wheel base, 80mm wider

In addition to the straps shown, we supply padded strap rotectors that velcro round the strap and provided increased load protection, £15 per pair