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WHAT Stairclimber?

Not sure what you need, then we can help. With years of experience supplying stairclimbing equipment to various industries, we can make sure your get the right machine for the job


Our  climber range operates from 110 kg up to 360 kg depending on the model, enabling us to provide a possible solution to your  stair climbing problems


Stairclimber are easy to use and runs on their battery, allowing them to be used almost anywhere and on virtually all types of staircases. Click on the menu options above for the different model options available.


We offer demos and training solutions to make sure you and your staff are getting the most out of your stairclimber. We realise this is a big investment and want to make sure you get the right machine for the job


climbing solutions from £2,400 + vat

Stairclimbers provide a better way of moving heavy loads up and down stairs. Ready to use when needed

Climbing OPTIONs

Multiple model options available

The type of climber your might need will depend on the loads you want to regularly move. With speeds up to 48 steps per minutes and capacities up to 360 kg, there is a climber to suit most load types. Call us now for more information on the stairclimber range.
SAL 110kg -> 170 kg
MTK 190 kg & 310 kg
HD 220kg, 330 kg, 360 kg

1 - Help & Advice

Not sure of your requirements?  
Let us know the types of things you are looking to move, we can help recommend the best equipment for the job

2 - Demo

See the climber in action. Arranging a demo allows you to see and feel whether a climber is right for you and your business. A stairclimber is a long term investment for your business.

3 - Sales & Training

Additional toeplates, batteries etc are available, combine this with our training option and you are providing your staff with virtually every tool they need for the job


Not sure what Powered Stairclimber you are looking for?
We are help and support you in the right direction

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